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So... are you ready to get in on one of the best ways to manage your collection ONLINE?... Take a look at what membership means to you!
Standard Network Membership FREE!
Collector Links Manager: Make your starting place - keep track of your favorite links using the Links Manager... even bookmark and subscribe to hot forum topics in the Collecting Discussion Forum!..
MyToyRegistry: Add Guide Products to a running "tab" of items you need - then send that registry list to as many people as you like thru email. Includes direct links back to the Guide for allowing recipients to match up your needs visually!..
MyTradeList Utility: Everything you want and have in one easy-to-manage area. Save time on all those trade forum posts by managing ONE listing!..
Trade Post Formatter: When you can't link to your MyTradeList Utility, generate a YaBB/uBB-compatible listing that you can easily copy and paste into a forum post!..
TradeFinder: Quickly Search other Users' Lists for what you need.
TradeCart: Just like a shopping cart, when you browse a Trade List, you can add items into a tally that you can then send to the user for prospective trades.
MyCollectionGallery: Show off your collection with 1MB of web space.
Collectible Product Guide: Thousands upon thousands of products to view and research.
Collection Lists (Permanent, Haves and Wants Lists): The "flagship" AllTroops Network service... manage every piece in your collection from kept items to your trade list. Selective addition, bulk deletion, even generate offline reports!...
Collection Value Manifest: Using "fair market values", get a quick and simple rundown of the value of your collection lists!..
MyWantsList Wireless: Access your wants listing on-the-road using a web-enabled cellphone or PDA!..
Premium Network Membership $5 Per Year!
Buy/Sell Lists: When you go Premium, you can record a special price you are willing to pay or accept for certain items within your collection lists!..
TradeFinder PLUS: When you go Premium, you can store your own lists within the TradeFinder and match up your Wants DIRECTLY with Users' Haves!..
TradeCart PLUS: When you go Premium, you can include both your Haves and Wants to send as a TradeCart Troop Communique!..
MyCollectionGallery PLUS: When you go Premium, you DOUBLE that space to 2MB!..
Collectible Product Guide PLUS: When you go Premium, you can view Quick Price Listings and List Compare each series listing with what you have in your Collection Lists!..

We store your contact information (email address specifically) on an encrypted and password-protected database. Your email addresses are not shared with or sold to others and are only for use with the AllTroops.Network. Contacting other users is done discreetly via Troop Communiques, and we do our very best to insure the security of this information at all times. Troop Communiques are never monitored between users.

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