Collectible Product Guide: our dynamic product guide is continually updated with new product on their release. The guide features everything collectors could need to know about a product. The guide is divided first by the "scale" or toy line, then by the series. New products and updated products can be found by using the "New Product Updates" feature, which automatically sorts out the newest and pending releases - always from 30 days ago to pending.

Interactive Collection Tool: the product guide drives the Interactive Collection Tool - a database-driven feature that lets you store your collection online. Unlike most existing collection checklists, the AllTroops.Network allows you to store more than just checkboxes for HAVES and WANTS - allowing users to enter the loose/carded/boxed configurations, variation details, quantities for multiples as well as whether you have the piece in question available for trade!

MyTradeList: The AllTroops.Network MyTradeList feature allows you to link to a single managed trade list from the system from any forum or post you wish. Showing your available HAVES and WANTS without having to manage a myriad of posts on a regular basis saves you time online.

Trade Post Formatter: because not every forum or environment will let you link directly to the AllTroops.Network TradeList utility, we've developed the Trade Post Formatter. In an easy-to-read and forum-board-compatible text block that you copy and paste, the Formatter creates your list from your current Haves and Wants - ready for use!

TradeFinder: the TradeFinder tool allows anyone to access the contents of the AllTroops.Network userbase and search for available products within Trade Lists. Search results include both HAVES and WANTS entries, as well as allowing the results to be filtered by each or show all results. The quickest way to start a trade in the collecting community today!

MyBuyList/MySellList: if you are in the market to actually part with cash for your Wants, or sell some of the pieces in your collections, you now have the ability to generate full buy/sell lists based on your piece entries!

MyCollectionGallery: customizers, customs collectors or anyone simply wanting to show off their collections will love the MyCollectionGallery feature. Allowing you to enter your pieces into the collection tool, the gallery generates a list of all your entries, complete with "full story" on how you made or acquired the piece(s). The AllTroops.Network even lets you upload a feature image for each piece - and you can add more picture links if you want to link it to a remote web image!

Collection Value Manifests: because the AllTroops.Network already features product guide pricing (updated regularly) your collection lists can generate "fair market values" for your entire collection! Select from your permanent collection, your HAVES list worth, as well as your WANTS list so that you can budget appropriately. The AllTroops.Network can tell you what your collection is worth - simply and easily!

MyToyRegistry: a quick and easy way to get someone - via email - the information you need them to see for gifts or having a friend or relation checking the stock of local stores for you. Add to your registry - then send a message asking them to check the toys section for what you are seeking! Perfect for those that have no idea what to get you - or what to look for!

Weblink Manager: an easy way to keep track of your favorite links, sites or even your own tradelist posts from the convenience of the Collection Control Panel!

MyWantsList Wireless: keeping you in touch with your wants list was the key to developing this new tool. Access your wants list via cellphone or PDA with wireless internet access and see exactly what you've entered, with appropriate loose and carded pricing. When you are at your local toy store, toy show or convention, you'll always be connected...

AllTroops.Network iList for iPhone and
AllTroops.Network for Mobile are also available!